The Cardboard Crowns

What: Ska
Where: Ottawa, ON

With a balanced mix of ska, reggae, and punk rock, Toronto band The Cardboard Crowns offer something for a wide array of listeners, with lofty themes of social injustice set to infectious beats that boast a passion for life.

The current line-up of the group was solidi ed in 2009, and since then the band has been forging a buzz-worthy name for themselves. The Cardboard Crowns released their debut album, Global Citizen, in October 2014. The nine-track album leads o with “Pulling Teeth,” a thoughtful slice of a rock anthem before moving into high-energy, ska-influenced territory on “Global Citizen” and “Sun and The Stars.”

The Cardboard Crowns’ world-class sound adheres tightly to the well-established tradition of upbeat ska music while also pushing it forward with a unique voice.

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