Teo Milea

CBC Searchlight Finalist: Teo Milea

What: Instrumental, Classical Piano

Where: Toronto, ON

Visit: www.teomilea.com

CBC recently wrapped up its latest Searchlight Competition, in which they sought to uncover some of Canada’s best up-and-coming talent. When the dust settled, Vancouver indie-soul songstress Desirée Dawson emerged victorious, beating out upwards of 2,000 artists from all across Canada. She took home a significant prize, which included a $25,000 Canadian Musician Career Booster prize pack in addition to $20,000 in instruments from Yamaha Canada Music, a slot playing the 2016 CBC Music Festival, and more. The other three finalists were Andi, Dylan Menzie, and Teo Milea.

Teo Milea, a classical pianist, had relocated to Canada from Romania just six months prior to Searchlight’s launch. While his music may not be de rigeur for such competitions, he calls his involvement in Searchlight: “not just a step; this is a huge jump for my career.” In 2013, Milea earned the distinction of being the first pianist ever to be invited to perform at the Dortmund Opera in Germany for a ballet gala, and ever since, he’s been wowing audiences with his impressive chops on the keys.