Shawna Caspi

What:** Folk Singer/Songwriter
Where: Toronto

Despite the success of artists like Leslie Feist, Tegan and Sara, and Emily Haines – or perhaps because of it – it’s not easy to carve a presence for one’s self as a female folk artist in Canada. That said, if anyone deserves a shot, it’s Toronto’s Shawna Caspi.

Caspi has been releasing music steadily since dropping her 2005 effort Trip The Light, but it’s clear that she’s devoted a lifetime to her craft. The songs off her third effort, 2012’s Skyline, are beautifully crafted tales backed with rich and layered music, incorporating classical sounds played on violins with finger-picking folks, creating fascinating final products. She’s been known to play on VIA Rail’s Skyline Car, which travels from Halifax to Toronto, a gig that comes as no surprise as her music is perfectly suited to a trip along Canada’s landscape with scenes passing by in a blur and plenty of time to spend with one’s thoughts.

The best thing about Caspi’s music is that there’s never just one thing to focus on. One moment demands attention to her lyrics, which play poetically with life’s everyday moments, while another moment demands the listener’s attention turn to her impressive musicianship.