Secondhand Habit

What:** Alternative Rock
Where: Victoria, BC

Victoria’s Secondhand Habit are nothing if not rookies in the Canadian music scene. Formed in 2010, the quartet looks young enough to still be stuck in high school and, while still a little rough around the edges, shows the kind of promise that might make listeners believe they’re going to be Canada’s next great indie band. The songs found on their 2011 debut effort Badass are a throwback to mid-‘90s alt rock, a genre that’s getting renewed credit via recent throwbacks and irony-free tributes.

Badass’ title-track is equal parts Tripping Daisy and Everclear with a heavy focus on narrative lyrics. The theme continues throughout the album with the band showing a lot of potential for becoming a Treble Charger-like presence, but for now they’re trading closer to Simple Plan waters with a PG-13 attitude. If they can focus on being a little less geared towards middle schoolers and a little more realistic and bitter, they could earn a very rewarding place on the Canadian alternative music landscape.