Rime Salmi

**What: R&B, Pop
****Where: Montreal, QC
**Visit: www.rimesalmi.com

Boasting an irresistible blend of pop and R&B, Montreal’s Rime Salmi brings a universal approach to making music. Born to Moroccan parents but raised in Canada, Salmi writes and performs songs in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic, earning the artist airplay in Canada, Japan, and the Middle East, where her 2009 collaboration with Karl Wolf, “Yalla Habibi,” topped the charts. Following the success of subsequent singles “Stop” and “Crazy Times,” Salmi released her debut EP, Flaw’d, in 2014. Most recently, Salmi dropped a three-part short film for Flaw’d track “Made It,” which has already racked up thousands of views.