What: Hip-Hop/Rap

Where: Toronto, ON

CM Issue: July-August 2013


OSIYM (Out of Sight In Your Mind) are two Toronto MCs who bring southern U.S.-style hip-hop north of the border. The duo, consisting of MCs Charlie Black and Nova, has been making waves in Toronto’s underground hip-hop scene for a few years.

Black released two mixtapes (D.E.S.T.A. Dude and Work in Progress), both to respectable acclaim, while Nova released It Was All a Dream prior to the formation of OSIYM. Their best songs, such as “3pm Tippin,” straddle the line between underground hip-hop and club bangers. There’s not a whole lot here for those who prefer the style of other popular Canadian MCs such as Shad or Cadence Weapon, but there’s lots of room for different styles of hip-hop in Canada, especially when it’s a style that we’re not accustomed to seeing created here.

OSIYM is currently working on an EP, tentatively titled Drunk Words X Sober Thoughts, but in the meantime, try to catch them live. The beats they’ve released thus far are heavy, and their vocal style lends itself to a wild stage show, paired well with artists like Waka Flocka Flame, with whom they’ve already performed.