Les Deuxluxes

What: Rock, Blues
Where: Hamilton, ON
Visit www.lesdeuxluxes.com

Like The White Stripes, The Black Keys, and Royal Blood before them, Montreal blues-rock band Les Deuxluxes prove that, sometimes, less can be more. Comprised of just two members, guitarist-vocalist Anna Frances Meyer and drummer Etienne Barry, this duo wholeheartedly bashes out the blues with a definite rock edge and hints of garage and rockabilly thrown in for good measure.

The songs on the group’s latest release, Traitement Deuxluxe, harbour a raw energy that pays tribute to the ethos of the aforementioned groups while carving a path that is soulful, powerful, and uniquely theirs. Les Deuxluxes ultimately show that Canadians can indeed play ball when it comes to churning out gritty rock and roll.