Justin Nozuka - January/February 2007

Who: Justin Nozuka
What: just yes
Where: Toronto, ON
To Contact: Coalition Entertainment Management 10271 Yonge Street #302, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3B5 (905) 508 0025; www.justinnozuka.com; www.myspace.com/justinnozuka

Ok, this guy is beyond good – for any age. Never mind, he just turned 18. Anyone who hears the way this New York-born, Toronto-based singer-songwriter writes lyrics about everything from domestic abuse to heartbreak will be astounded that he does it in such a fresh and creative way. Nozuka worked with rapper G Stokes in the past when he was doing an R&B thing, and was in a boy band with brother George, but this side of him was “discovered” by Damhnait Doyle at a songwriting workshop. He recorded this album, Holly, independently at Wellesley Sound and Soleil Studio with producer Bill Bell (Shaye, Tara MacLean) and it really is brilliant. It leaves you shaking your head, it’s that good. Check out “Mr. Therapy Man” about being dumped. This is about as far away from cliché as you can get. Then, there’s “Criminal,” a destined hit about the one time he smoked some weed and got a little paranoid. The song is hilarious. On the other side of the spectrum is “Save Him,” a story so painful it’s hard to get through. To top it off, Nozuka has a voice that is kind of hard soul, capable of falsetto on “Supposed To Grow Old” and blues on “Be Back Soon.” A rare talent.