Joanna Borromeo

What: Urban/R&B

Where: Calgary, AB


Calgary singer Joanna Borromeo represents a new wave of Canadian jazz/R&B singers who combine the traditional elements of the genres with modern urban and rock elements, including nods to Motown and other pivotal eras. Her debut full-length, Kaleidoscope, earned her a Western Canadian Music Award nomination in the Urban Recording of the Year category.

The most impressive aspect of Borromeo’s album is that she doesn’t hide behind anything. Without a hint of pitch correction or needless guest spots, she allows her stunning voice to do all the work. Those looking for a reference point can think of her alongside Chantal Kreviazuk, but with more urban elements entwined in the music. The diversity of her sound – something that seems as though it comes incredibly naturally – should see her break into the mainstream, or at the very least, Starbucks locations across the country.