Freeman Dre And The Kitchen Party

What:** **Alternative

**Where: **Toronto, ON


Freeman Dre And The Kitchen Party don’t have the most ordinary name on the block, and neither do they have a typical style. The Toronto-based band recently won a NOW Magazine readers’ poll that named Freeman as the city’s best songwriter. It’s no wonder; the band’s anecdotal songs tell tales of life in their Parkdale neighbourhood, a stretch of blocks known for its diversity of people and culture. With songs about everything from relationships to 2010’s G20 protests, there are few bands that are able to cover this much lyrical ground with any success.

The lyrics are paired with output from a six-piece band that plays a quirky alternative style, going from alternative to folk to eastern-Europeon accordion jams and back. But forget descriptions; some bands just don’t need them!

Freeman Dre And The Kitchen Party are worth checking out on record, but word on the street is that the real spirit of the band can only be captured at their legendary live shows, so make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to catch them next time they are in your hood.

Listen to Freeman Dre & The Kitchen Party – Saturday Night In Parkdale…